This year I chose the island of Rab - Croatia as my destination, and I was pleasantly impressed by both the island and the hotel.

The Grand Imperial is located in the park in the center of Rab city, being a chic, clean hotel with relatively small, beautiful, and comfortable rooms. The cleaning was made every day, the towels were changed every time we leave them on the edge of the tub (in order to preserve water resources) and the bedding was changed 3 times, during the 8 nights of accommodation.

The hotel also benefits from a rather large swimming pool with comfortable sunbeds, a SPA, a terrace with a bar, a wine cellar, tennis courts, and, of course, the hotel restaurant.


We had half board. The food was good, diversified with dishes for all tastes (from raw vegetables, pasta, fish, chicken, beef, salads, etc.). If in the morning we had all kinds of juices, besides coffee and water, in the evening there is no drink of any kind on the menu. Must be ordered separately. As an idea, a 1/8 glass of wine costs 13.5 Kune (approx. 2 Euros), a beer at 0.5-20 Kune (approx. 2.75 Euros), flat water at 0.75l, 12 Kune.


The hotel does not have a beach, being located in the center.

The nearest beach is a 5-minute walk from the hotel. It is a small beach with pebbles, and with a smooth entrance to the sea. Deckchairs can be rented and there is also a terrace. Nothing spectacular from my point of view. Such pebble or concrete beaches can be found all over the city of Rab. Not all of them have deckchairs and/or terraces.

How would you rate the Grand Hotel Imperial?

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