I decided to stop by on the way to Croatia, hoping to visit Zagreb - I managed for 2 days because it rained heavily.

Hotel Garden is located here: Ulica Valentina Vodnika 13, Lower Town, 10000 Zagreb at coordinates: N 045° 48.319, E 15° 58.034

At 98 euros/night, I had higher expectations. I admit that it's our fault that we didn't pay attention to the 18 square meters mentioned in the reservation, as if we've stayed in such rooms before and they didn't seem so small.

Clean room, furniture in excellent condition, parking in the courtyard with a fixed place, fabulous breakfast. Parking is paid separately, but I don't remember if it's 10 or 15 euros/night.

The negative side: although it was half empty, I got a room overlooking the street, so I benefited from the noise of the night.

How would you rate the Garden Hotel?

How would you rate the Garden Hotel?

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