For our three-night mini-vacation in Zadar, we didn't want to waste any time traveling to the old center, so we had to stay in the historic peninsula of the Dalmatian city.

Boutique Hostel Forum occupies a building located in the heart of historic Zadar, adjacent to the Roman Forum from which it borrows its name, which fits perfectly into the architecture and colorful appearance of the place.

It has 37 rooms with a total capacity of 99 people, on the first floor there are mixed shared bedrooms for four people with their own bathrooms, called Forum Duo, on the second floor the standard twin rooms called Forum Meta, 13 in number, and on the third floor the third is the Forum Lux rooms, as well as two superior suites.

The room overflows with cheerfulness, being decorated in white and orange, from the white painting, wardrobe, table, and linen, to the orange of the fluffy carpet, the chairs, or the drawing on the ceiling.

After entering, on the left is the door to the bathroom and after opening it, I notice for the first time that it does not contain a shower area, but only a sink, a toilet bowl, and mirrors (including cosmetics) both on the wall of the sink and the entire size of the doors, but inside the bathroom. In addition, there is a hair dryer, two extremely useful polybags for laying various things, as well as consumables that would be renewed in the coming days.

The bathroom had the walls "tiled" in black and white in a checkerboard pattern, and the floor was completely black. Everything was sparkling clean, and along the way, this service was performed thoroughly for us every day.

Straight ahead, from the entrance, you can see a body on wheels with hangers, which proved to be very useful, only good for quickly hanging clothes on it.

The twin beds, with a bit of space between them to fit if we wanted to pick up something that had fallen on the floor, for example, were very comfortable, and the immaculate white linen and crockery found on them looked very good.

We didn't have nightstands, but instead, we had a shelf on the wall above the pillows/headboards where we could put various items, as well as a power outlet and switches for the reading or general lights.

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