Provence is synonymous with lavender; the vibrant purple hues and sweet, aromatic scent of this delicate flower have become iconic markers of the region. Here, endless rows of vibrant purple stretch across rolling hills, creating a picturesque tapestry that captivates the senses. The sweet fragrance of lavender fills the air, enhancing the serene beauty of the landscape. Exploring these fields, whether by cycling along the winding paths or leisurely strolling through charming Provencal villages with their quaint boutiques and inviting cafes, is to experience the essence of French countryside charm.

Beyond its beauty, Provence’s lavender fields hold a rich history and are unparalleled in scale compared to other regions around the world. This is a place where the simple act of being amidst the lavender rows can be transformative, offering moments of peace and awe-inspiring views.

Ready to be mesmerized by the allure of these famous fields? Dive into our guide, and let's plan your unforgettable journey to the lavender heartland of Provence.

Best time to visit the Provence Lavender Fields in France


If you're looking for the ultimate Lavender Fields experience in Provence, then you'll need to plan your trip around the blooming season.

The absolute best time to visit the Lavender Fields is in late June to early August, with peak bloom typically occurring in mid-July. This timeframe can vary depending on the weather and temperature, however, so it's important to do some research and plan ahead.

If you are hoping to see Lavender Fields at a slightly higher elevation, such as in Sault, the optimal time frame is slightly later, from early July to mid-August.

Regardless of when you visit though, this stunning landscape is sure to take your breath away! So put on your comfortable walking shoes and get ready for an unforgettable trip to Provence. After all, this is truly a destination like no other.

The best places to see the Lavender fields in Provence


The Lavender fields of Provence are famous for their vibrant colors and beautiful blooms, making them an essential destination for any nature lover.

The best place to see these epic fields is in the Plateau de Valensole, located in the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. With its expansive fields and sweeping vistas, this area provides the perfect backdrop for a truly breathtaking natural experience.

Additionally, there are numerous other regions in Provence that boast amazing lavender fields, including Pays de Sault and Luberon in Vaucluse. Whether you're looking for a serene escape or a thrilling adventure in nature, the lavender fields of Provence have something for everyone. Let's check out one by one…

The Valensole Plateau Lavender Fields, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence


The most famous and most photographed fields are located in the Valensole Plateau. The Valensole Plateau lavender fields are renowned for their unmatched natural beauty and stunning displays of color.

Situated in the heart of Provence, these iconic fields attract thousands of visitors from around the world every year. With vast expanses of lavender, sunflowers, and wheat set against a backdrop of sunny skies and deep blue lakes, this region truly is a photographer's dream.

Valensole itself is an idyllic village perched high atop the plateau. Here you will find a wealth of quaint cafes and charming shops, as well as spectacular views stretching across the rolling landscape below.

Additionally, the picturesque village of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon is another must-see destination in this magical place. With its graceful spires rising up from amidst wildflower-covered hillsides, this classic French village offers a glimpse into what Provence must have looked like centuries ago.

The Most beautiful Lavender Fields to see in Valensole

There are countless fields to check out in the Valensole Plateau, but some stand out as particularly popular and breathtaking.

The Angelvin Two Famous Trees: is one of the area's most breathtaking natural attractions. It may be found along the D6 road, 5 kilometers from Valensole toward Manosque. This sprawling field of purple lavender plants offers sweeping vistas and splendid photo opportunities, making it a must-visit destination for any nature lover as well as the photographer.

If you want to experience the best of nature's beauty, then you need to visit this lavender field at sunset. Alternatively, if you want to enjoy a more tranquil experience, try visiting at sunrise. With the quiet stillness of dawn and the beautiful golden light of the sunrise, you'll have the whole field all to yourself.

Or perhaps you are looking for somewhere that offers even more photo opportunities? In that case, be sure to check out the nearby sunflower field as well. The yellow flowers will make for gorgeous backdrops and accentuate your stunning photos of these magnificent lavenders. Whatever time of day you decide to go, one thing is for sure: this sunflower field is simply unforgettable.

Tiny house in the valley: to get to this serene field, you simply need to head 15 kilometers south of Valensole, in the direction of Puimoisson, on the D8 road. Nestled deep in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and fields of lavender, this modest house is almost invisible from the road. Because of this, it's easy to miss, so trust us, the house is there, even though you can barely see it!

At sunrise or sunset, when the rising or setting sun casts its warm glow across the valley, this magical field comes alive with vibrant hues of purple as far as the eye can see. If you're lucky enough, you may even catch sight of some hot air balloons floating gracefully across the sky above you.

Stone house with mountains in the background: in the Valensole lies another stone cottage, although this one looks nothing like the first. The lavender field with stone cottage is located 20 kilometers away from Valensole, to reach the stone house in the valley from Valensole, take the D8 road (in the same direction as to the tiny house in the valley) and turn right into the D953 road.

If you're an early riser, you won't want to miss the light coming out from behind the stone house and the mountains while you enjoy this field.
Since this field is not well-known and is located some distance from Valensole (let alone Manosque), you have a good chance of having it all to yourself. The rows of lavender are spaced out nicely, making it easy to wander between them.

Things to do near the Valensole Lavender Fields

When you find yourself near the Valensole lavender fields, there are plenty of exciting things to do and explore. One of the top activities is definitely the Valensole Lavender Festival, which is held in the town every third Sunday of July. This fun and vibrant festival showcases local culture and art while celebrating one of France's most iconic smells: lavender!

Other great ideas include kayaking or relaxing on an electric boat at the beautiful Gorges du Verdon.

If you're looking for a bit more relaxation, why not spend a day lazing around by the Lake of Sainte-Croix? With its clear blue waters and stunning mountain backdrop, it's sure to be a memorable experience.

Last but not least, don't miss the chance to visit some of the lovely hilltop villages surrounding the lavender fields, such as Aiguines or Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. With so many delightful things to experience, there's no doubt that you'll have a fantastic time when you're visiting the Valensole lavender fields!

Best places to Stay in Valensole Plateau near Lavender Fields

Several hotels in Valensole are conveniently located close to lavender farms. What follows is a selection of our favorites:

Le Jardin de Celina Guesthouse: situated in the heart of Valensole, about five minutes away from the "Lavandes Angelin" lavender fields. After a day of exploring lavender fields, reward yourself with a sauna session and perhaps a massage, facial, or body treatment.

B&B Monsite - La Maison dans l'Olivette: this beautiful B&B is surrounded by lavender fields and olives, making it an alternative fantastic choice. The accommodations at La Maison dans l'Olivette feature air conditioning, a garden, and complimentary WiFi. equipped with a swimming pool and a patio for lounging.

There is a flat-screen TV in the living room, as well as a private bathroom with a hair dryer, free toiletries, and a shower. There is a garden view from the terrace of each unit. Daily service begins with a complimentary continental breakfast.

B&B Les Chambres d Hôtes de Valensole: this B&B, like the last one, is flanked by lavender and not only, but also sunflower fields, which makes it unique. It may be found right on the main road leading to the Gorges du Verdon, in the middle of the lavender-growing region of the Valensole plateau.

From the top of the property, you can take in breathtaking views of the surrounding lavender fields while admiring the panoramic vistas and snapping photos and videos from every angle.

Whether you're an experienced photographer or simply love to appreciate nature at its most beautiful, there is no doubt that a trip to the Valensole Plateau lavender fields will be an unforgettable experience. So if you're looking for an oasis that combines nature's most vibrant hues with laid-back country charm, look no further than this one-of-a-kind destination!

Sault Plateau Lavender Fields, Vaucluse


Located in the Provence region of France, Sault is renowned for its breathtaking lavender fields. Set atop a ridge, Sault enjoys sweeping views of the surrounding valley, which is dotted with verdant fields of fragrant lavender.

What makes Sault truly unique, however, is the density and variety of these fields. Thanks to its strategic location at the heart of the Provence lavender region, Sault boasts some of the most spectacular fields in all of France.

Whether you choose to meander along one of Sault's many hiking paths or simply explore on foot or by bike, you are sure to be captivated by these wondrous swathes of purple flowers against a picturesque landscape.

So if you're looking for a truly special and memorable experience in Provence, look no further than Sault's celebrated lavender fields.

If you're looking for the best lavender fields in all of the Sault Plateau, look no further than the area just across from La Bastide des Bouquets. Surrounded by majestic mountains and featuring a charming stone cottage that looks straight out of a fairy tale, this is one spot not to miss on your next trip to Sault Plateau.

Another great place to check out is Le Chemin des Lavandes, a popular hiking trail that stretches for about 5 kilometers through quiet countryside and lush lavender fields. Whether you're an experienced hiker or simply looking for a relaxing stroll in nature, this scenic path is a must-see destination in the Sault Plateau.

If you're looking for some fantastic lavender products, be sure to pay a visit to the beautiful Botanical garden at La Ferme aux Lavandes near the town center. From delicious lavender-infused salts and oils to plants and flowers, there are plenty of unique items here guaranteed to make any lavender lover swoon.

And last but certainly not least, don't miss Les Lavandes de Champelle - a roadside farm stand on the outskirts of town selling locally produced goods, including fresh sea salt (fleur de sel) infused with Provencal herbage. No matter what your reason for visiting Sault Plateau, one thing's for sure - you won't want to miss exploring these amazing lavender fields!

Things to do near the Sault Plateau Lavender Fields

There are many exciting things to do near the Sault Plateau lavender fields. For adventurous explorers, there are several caves nearby that are perfect for caving expeditions. Some of the most popular ones include Meynière Avenue, Trou de l'Ermite, Bouffard Avenue, Jean Nouvel Avenue, and Cougnoux Avenue.

If you prefer a more relaxing experience, you can take a hike or a mountain bike ride on the Plateau d'Albion towards Mont Ventoux and Monts du Vaucluse. Or if you're up for an adrenaline rush, try paragliding at Mont Ventoux - one of the highest peaks in the area.

No visit to this region would be complete without stopping by Nougat André Boyer - a local confectionery shop owned by master nougat-maker André Boyer. Here you can sample some of his delicious white nougat, black nougat, Provencal macaroons, einkorn galettes, Calissons, traditional marshmallows, and much more.

Finally, if you happen to be in town during the annual Lavender Festival on August 15th, don't miss all the exciting activities and performances that make this event so special! Whether it's experiencing essential oils workshops and folkloric dances or shopping for locally made lavender products and artisan handcrafts, there truly is something for everyone at the festival.

Best places to Stay in Sault Plateau near Lavender Fields

Looking for the perfect place to stay in the Sault Plateau near Lavender Fields? Whether you're looking for an adults-only bed and breakfast, a farm stay with fresh local cuisine, or a budget-friendly hotel in downtown Sault, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

One of the best places to stay in this area is La Bastide des Bourguets, with breathtaking views of the countryside at the base of Mont Ventoux. Just keep in mind, that this is an adults-only B&B with an outdoor swimming pool and a variety of delicious continental and buffet breakfast options.

For those who love nature and outdoor activities, La Maguette is another great option in the area. A lavender farm located just a short drive from Sault, La Maguette offers accommodations with a restaurant with home-cooked meals featuring locally sourced ingredients, as well as easy access to fun outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Last but not least, if you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, Hotel D'Albion offers clean and comfortable rooms right in the town of Sault, complete with amenities like free WiFi and private bathrooms. No matter what type of trip you're planning to this beautiful region, there are plenty of great places to stay in the Sault Plateau near Lavender Fields!

Luberon Valley Lavender Fields, Vaucluse


The Massif du Luberon is a truly magical place, with its rolling hillsides and hilltop villages dotting the landscape. Whether you are looking for all the charm of authentic Provence or just want to soak up the serene atmosphere of the fields, this is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the world of lavender.

Unlike some of the other lavender regions in France, such as Valensole or Sault, Luberon Valley's lavender fields are less concentrated. However, this only makes them more enchanting in their beauty. Tucked between vineyards and olive groves, these picturesque fields can be found along winding country roads, beckoning visitors towards them with their sweet aroma.

Whether you spend your time wandering amongst the fields or exploring charming hilltop villages like Gordes or Roussillon, one thing is certain: Luberon Valley's lavender fields will delight and inspire you at every turn. So why not pack your bags and discover this magical region for yourself? The experience is simply unforgettable.

There are many beautiful lavender fields located throughout the Luberon region of Provence. The most popular and picturesque fields to explore include Senanque Abbey, with its sea of purple blooms and the stunning backdrop of the monastery.

Another great option is Lacoste, where you can take in sweeping views of sprawling fields against the backdrop of the iconic ruined castle perched on top of the village.

The next of the top spots to see lavender in all its glory is the village of Bonnieux, located at the top of a hill overlooking the Luberon Valley. From this vantage point, you can enjoy sweeping views of endless fields and hills blanketed in dusky purple flowers. Additionally, if you're visiting in the morning, you can capture stunning photos against dramatic backdrops such as historic villages or jagged mountain ridges.

Literally just down the road from Bonnieux is Saignon, another Luberon gem that shouldn't be missed. Home to dramatic landscapes and panoramic views, Saignon attracts photographers and nature enthusiasts alike who flock here to admire its striking natural beauty. Perhaps best known for its dramatic castle-topped promontory, Saignon also offers plenty of opportunities for great pictures among its picturesque rows of lavender.

Whether you're looking to simply wander through vibrant rows of blooming plants or want to capture that perfect picture with medieval buildings in the background, Luberon's lavender fields are not to be missed!

Things to do near the Luberon Lavender Fields

There are many amazing things to do near the Luberon Lavender Fields, including the Roussillon ochre trail. This beautiful walking trail winds its way through dramatic ochre cliffs and steep gorges, allowing visitors to marvel at the stunning natural landscape of the area.

Additionally, there is Musée de la Lavande in Coustellet, a museum dedicated to all things lavender that teaches visitors about the history of this fragrant plant and its role in local culture and cuisine.

If you're looking for a day trip from these lavender fields, consider heading over to Avignon. Famous for its imposing medieval city walls and elegant palaces, this historic city is a must-visit for anyone seeking an enriching cultural experience. There are plenty of charming cafes and shops to explore as well as fascinating museums like the Avignon History Museum.

So if you're looking for something fun and exciting to do near the Luberon Lavender Fields, look no further than these amazing nearby attractions!

Best places to Stay in the Luberon near Lavender Fields

When looking for the best places to stay in the beautiful region of Luberon near lavender fields, there are a variety of options available. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option that still puts you directly in the midst of all the natural beauty, or something more luxurious and romantic, there is something for every taste and budget. Some top choices include:

At Les Granges, guests can enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding area and take advantage of budget-friendly room rates.

Those looking for a little more space and luxury might prefer Les Oursillons, which offers accommodation with free WiFi, air conditioning, and a garden as well as many other modern amenities.

And if you are looking for a truly special experience amid spectacular views of the mountains and lavender fields beyond, Charme Romantique is an ideal choice thanks to its stunning 18th-century building and excellent amenities.

What is the Weather like in Provence during the Lavender Season


The weather in Provence during the lavender season is typically hot and sunny, with little to no rainfall. This makes it the perfect time for soaking up the sun and relaxing amidst the beautiful lavender fields.

However, temperatures can reach scorching levels, so be sure to pack plenty of sun protection such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

In addition, the mornings and evenings tend to be quite cold, so make sure to bring a jacket or sweater with you as well.

How to get to Provence in France


If you're looking to experience the beautiful lavender fields of Provence, there are a few key travel tips to keep in mind.

The closest airport to these stunning blooms is Marseille, which makes it an ideal starting point for any trip to Provence. From there, it takes about an hour to reach Valensole, home to some of the most breathtaking lavender fields in the region.

Alternatively, you could fly into Nice and take a shorter, but slightly more expensive route. Regardless of which option you choose, it's important to be well-equipped for your journey and have a plan for getting around once you arrive in Provence. Whether you hire a car or rely on public transportation, make sure that your travel plans accommodate the unique challenges of navigating this beautiful region. With these tips under your belt, you're sure to soak up every last drop of Provence's breathtaking natural beauty!

If you are coming from Paris, your best option is to take the train, as it will save you both time and money. However, this route requires that you take two different trains – first a TGV to Aix-en-Provence, and then another train to Manosque-Gréoux-les-Bains, which is one of the main cities in Provence.

Alternatively, you can choose to drive there, which will be a longer journey of around 7.5 hours without any stops. This option also comes with hefty toll fees along the way, so if you prefer a cheaper journey, driving may not be your best bet. Nevertheless, with its breathtaking scenery and Riviera beaches, Provence is well worth the trip!

How to get Around in Provence


When you're visiting Provence, having reliable transportation is essential. Unlike larger cities, there is less public transportation in this area, so getting around can be difficult without a car. Whether you're traveling between different towns and villages or exploring the beautiful countryside, the best way to get around is by taking a car.

The first step is to choose your vehicle wisely. Some roads in Provence are narrow and winding, and they may not be suitable for all types of cars. If possible, opt for something that is compact yet still offers plenty of space for passengers and cargo. This will give you more flexibility when it comes to navigating the region's many scenic routes and hidden backroads.

Once you've got your wheels ready, it's time to get out on the open road! With its rolling hillsides and charming medieval towns tucked away amidst verdant forests and sprawling vineyards, Provence offers some truly spectacular scenery. And with a car in hand, you can easily explore it all.

How to take amazing photos on the Lavender Fields


When it comes to taking photos on the lavender fields, it's important to master certain key techniques. Firstly, you should always try to get up early or stay out late, when the light is softer and warmer. This will help you capture amazing images that are full of color and vibrancy.

Another important tip is to find an interesting composition for your shots. Avoid just simply photographing rows upon rows of lavender – try using a wide-angle lens or getting closer to smaller groups of flowers in order to capture more detail and interest.

Lastly, don't be afraid to experiment with different shooting angles – from low to high, from side to side – this will allow you to find interesting perspectives that you might not have thought of otherwise. With these simple tips in mind, you'll be able to take absolutely stunning photos in no time!

Types of Lavender grown in Provence


The lavender fields of Provence are renowned for their beauty and diversity. Among the many types of lavender grown here, two stand out as the most prominent and widely grown: Fine Lavender and Lavandine.

Fine Lavender, also known as lavandula angustifolia, is the classic variety that is native to this region of France. With its beautiful blooms and delicate fragrance, it has become one of the most iconic and recognizable plants associated with Provence.

In contrast, Lavandine, also known as lavandula hybrida, is a more recent variety that is found all over the world. Although less vibrant than fine lavender in terms of color, it boasts larger and fuller blooms that make it a particularly popular choice for gardeners and photographers alike.

Whether you are admiring them from afar or wandering through the fields to breathe in their sweet scent up close, there can be no doubt that the countless fields of Provence's famed lavender remain one of its most luminous treasures.


For a truly picturesque and tranquil getaway, the Provence Lavender Fields in France are unmatched. Our comprehensive guide provides all the essential information for your journey, covering the ideal places to stay, activities to enjoy, and the optimal season for visiting these fragrant fields. Prepare for a stunning vacation; it's time to pack your bags and set off for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Provence!