All the Greek islands surprise with their extraordinary beauty, but Kefalonia is a real hidden pearl - it lures travelers with excellent beaches, fresh mountain air, wonderful nature, ancient architecture, holy places and unique rock caves.

The hottest weather in this region is observed in August - around 35 ºC, when most of the day is too hot to enjoy sunbathing, so Kefalonia is a great place to plan a beach holiday right in autumn - until the end of October.

Autumn is the right time to discover new horizons and get to know the ski pearl of Greece, Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is the largest of the seven Greek islands in the Ionian Sea. Its terrain is mountainous, so behind every next serpentine bend, breathtaking views open to the eyes: azure sea, majestic cliffs and green, small islands of seaside villages.

The scenery is complemented by olive and myrtle groves with leaves fluttering in the wind, vineyards and colorful coastal towns, whose docks are moored with snow-white yachts and fishing boats, giving the features of Kefalonia a special charm.

1. Argostoli - the Capital of Kefalonia

The capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli, surprises tourists with its cheerful spirit - life here does not stop bubbling day or night.

Only 10 km from Argostoli is the international airport, while the convenient and modern port attracts cruise ships from all over the world to Kefalonia.

The most notable sights of Argostoli are St. Spiridon's Church and the Drapano Bridge, which overlooks an impressive Obelisk, while a few kilometers from the city is St. Teodora Lighthouse, which especially attracts hunters of gorgeous sunsets.

Most of Argostoli's cafes, bars and restaurants are located around Platia Vallianou, the city's central square. On the other hand, on the waterfront and along the Lithostroto pedestrian boulevard, larger and smaller shops and stalls of local products are lined up close to each other.

Behind the busy everyday life, the city also has a completely different face, which is revealed only to connoisseurs - in the early mornings, large sea turtles often swim into Argostoli Bay.

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2. Paradise beaches

Thanks to its indented coastline, small Kefalonia has more than 80 beaches. More than half of them are well-furnished, but those who like solitude will also find a place of rest on the coast of the Ionian Sea without any problems.

The main resorts of Kefalonia - Lixouri, Skala, Lassi - are famous for their lively nightlife and golden beaches. Here you can find beaches for every taste - from secluded and wild to very noisy and full of entertainment.

So, for example, Myrtos beach is considered not only the calling card of the island of Kefalonia, but also of the whole of Greece, as it was once ranked among the world's 10 most beautiful beaches.

On the other hand, the beach with the unusual name Xi (a letter in the Greek alphabet) is covered with amazing red-orange sand. Just three kilometers from the island's capital, Argostoli, is the gorgeous beach of Makris Gialos.

During the day, many beaches offer the opportunity to engage in various water sports, fishing, renting a yacht or boat, as well as diving in the coastal waters, but in the evening, when the bars, taverns and restaurants open their doors, Kefalonia resorts have a real party atmosphere.

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3. Mysterious underground caves

Melissani Cave is the second most famous attraction in Kefalonia after Myrtos Beach.

A particularly magical view of the Melissani cave opens in the middle of the day - from 12 to 2 o'clock, when the sun's rays illuminate the cave grotto in full glory. Inside the cave is a lake with refreshingly cool water, formed when warm sea water mixes with underground cold springs.

The cave consists of two interconnected grottoes, through which you can go on a boat trip.

Melissani is the most impressive but not the only cave in Kefalonia. Not far from it, at a depth of 60 meters underground, the Drogarati cave is hidden.

It is estimated that it could be as old as 150 million years. Drogarati is famous for its excellent acoustics, so instrumental music concerts are often held here.

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4. Picturesque and unspoiled villages

Another recommended place to visit in Kefalonia is the village of Asos in the north of the island.

In the off-season, the number of the village's population shrinks to less than a hundred.

Believe it or not, in real life Asos is just as beautiful as in the photos you see on the Internet: colorful houses perched on the slope of the amphitheater, small streets, but the ruins of an ancient Venetian fortress tower over the village, offering a magical view of the sunset.

It is definitely recommended to plan a walk along the promenade of Asos, then enjoy an authentic Greek feast in one of the taverns or sunbathe on the miniature beach.

A trip to Asos is worth combining with a visit to the village of Fiskardo, as it is also located in the northern part of Kefalonia.

The picturesque bay, crowded with sailboats and yachts, seems like a scene from an old watercolor. Wandering the narrow streets of Fiskardo, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with this charming fishing village.

The lush landscape of the sea is gracefully complemented by green hills with an intoxicating scent of pine trees.

Several small but very beautiful beaches can be found near the village - in the neighboring bays of Emplisi and Foki.

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5. Wild nature hiking trails

Falling in love with the beautiful beaches of Kefalonia, you should not forget about the other natural beauties of this island.

All lovers of active recreation should definitely plan a walk through the green, mountainous forests of Kefalonia, which hide many well marked hiking trails

For a truly unforgettable experience, it is recommended to go to the nature park of Mount Ainos - this is the only nature reserve located on an island.

The top of the mountain rises more than 1,600 meters above sea level, but even if you go for a walk or a bike ride along the foot of the mountain, it is possible to get a rather wide view of the special beauty of Kefalonia's untouched nature. Wild horses also live in the reserve area.

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6. The allure of the Ionian Sea

Seeing the many sailboats and fishing boats peacefully swaying in the bays of Kefalonia, it immediately becomes clear that this is the right place to enjoy a yachting holiday.

The island's coastline is the longest of all the Ionian islands, so there are many picturesque coves, as well as more than a dozen marinas.

To the north and south of the island are the islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos, which are popular destinations for sea excursions.

However, there is nothing quite like a sea voyage to magical Ithaca, the green homeland of Odysseus, closest to Kefalonia.

The island also offers good sea traffic with the Greek mainland – from Kefalonia you can reach the Peloponnese (Kyllini port, Ilia region) by ferry in an hour and a half, while ferries run from the port of Sami, located on the eastern side of Kefalonia, to the port of Patras.

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Now that you know a little more about the dream island of Kefalonia, Greece. With its stunning views, secluded beaches, and friendly locals, Kefalonia offers everything you need for a relaxing vacation. Add this paradise to your travel bucket list and start planning your trip today!