Although Santa Claus lives in Lapland, the most beautiful Christmas market in the world is the German Christmas market.

Cities around the world compete to have the best Christmas markets, and Germany's Weihnachtsmärkte always shines. They are consistently rated among Europe's top Christmas markets, thanks to their perfect mix of tradition and festive spirit, capturing the hearts of both locals and visitors.

These markets are a central hub of festivity during the winter holidays, offering an abundance of sweets, traditional crafts, and a variety of activities and concerts tailored for families and visitors of all ages. When visitors step into this picturesque wonderland, they find themselves surrounded by serene landscapes illuminated with millions of twinkling lights, all set against historic city buildings.

Join us on an enchanting journey as we explore the 11 most wonderful Christmas markets in Germany. Each market offers its own unique charm, from twinkling lights to seasonal scents, creating delightful experiences. Discover the magic, traditions, and unique atmospheres that make these German Weihnachtsmärkte a must-visit during the holiday season.

1. Enchanting Christmas Market in Frankfurt


Frankfurt, a dynamic city with a rich history, transforms into a festive wonderland during the Christmas season. The Frankfurt Christmas Market, one of the oldest in Germany, draws visitors from all over the world with its vibrant atmosphere and traditional charm. During Advent time the city is adorned with lights, decorations, and the delightful aromas of holiday treats, creating a magical setting for this beloved seasonal event.

What are the dates of the Frankfurt Christmas Markets 2023?

The Frankfurt Christmas Market typically runs from November 27 to December 21, with general opening hours of 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekends.

Where to Find Frankfurt Christmas Markets in 2023?

Frankfurt Christmas Market:

  • Location: Centrally located in Römerberg Square, Paulsplatz, and Mainkai (Main Quay).
  • Highlights: The stunning backdrop of the half-timbered houses in Römerberg Square and the towering Christmas tree enhance the festive atmosphere of the market. With over 200 stalls, visitors can explore a wide variety of handcrafted gifts, ornaments, and culinary delights. The market is also renowned for its baked apples (Bratäpfel), roasted nuts, and the iconic Bethmännchen, a marzipan-filled pastry. Children and families will enjoy the carousel and the scenic views from the Ferris wheel.

Pink Christmas Market:

  • Location: Located in Friedrich-Stoltze-Platz.
  • Highlights: This smaller, more intimate market celebrates Frankfurt’s LGBTQ+ community and offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can browse the stalls for unique gifts and enjoy live performances and DJs. The market is known for its colorful decorations and inclusive vibe.

2. Festive Wonders at Berlin's Christmas Market


Berlin’s Christmas Markets are a time-honored tradition that captures the essence of the holiday spirit, with twinkling lights, festive decorations, and the sweet scent of mulled wine permeating the air. The markets not only offer a vast array of unique handcrafted gifts, ornaments, and seasonal treats, but they also provide a warm and convivial atmosphere, bringing together locals and visitors in a communal celebration of the festive season. With its charming wooden stalls, live music, and an array of culinary delights, the Weihnachtsmärkte serves as a beloved gathering place, fostering a sense of joy and togetherness that is emblematic of the holiday season in Berlin.

What are the dates of Berlin’s Christmas Markets in 2023?

Most of Berlin's Christmas markets usually open in the last week of November and run until late December. The opening times are generally from around 11:00 or 12:00 in the morning until 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening. However, these times can vary depending on the day of the week and the specific market. Some markets may have extended hours on weekends or in the days leading up to Christmas. The specific dates for some of Berlin's popular Christmas markets in 2023 are provided below for each specific place.

Where to Find Berlin's Christmas Markets 2023?


  • Location: Situated in the Gendarmenmarkt Square, this market is nestled in one of Berlin’s most stunning architectural settings.
  • Dates: Christmas Market on Gendarmenmarkt (Bebelplatz) runs from November 27 to December 31, 2023.
  • Highlights: The Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market is celebrated for its high-quality craftsmanship and unique handmade gifts, making it a favorite destination for those seeking special and authentic holiday presents. Artisans and craftsmen from around the world come to display their work, offering everything from intricate jewelry to fine ceramics. The gourmet food stands serve a variety of delectable treats, ranging from traditional German delicacies to international cuisine. The atmosphere is further enriched by live performances, including choirs, jazz bands, and classical music ensembles, providing a festive soundtrack to the market experience. Although there is a small entrance fee, the unparalleled ambiance and the selection of high-quality goods make it well worth the cost.

Alexanderplatz Christmas Market:

  • Location: Located in the heart of Berlin around Alexanderplatz and the World Clock, this market is easily accessible and centrally located.
  • Dates: Alexanderplatz Christmas Market runs from November 27, 2023, to January 07, 2024.
  • Highlights: This vibrant market is a hit for families and younger visitors, thanks to its large ice rink and the iconic Ferris wheel, which provides stunning views of the city. The array of stalls offers a wide variety of gifts and treats, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Charlottenburg Palace Christmas Market:

  • Location: Set against the majestic backdrop of Charlottenburg Palace, this market is a visual delight and a favorite for photography enthusiasts.
  • Dates: The Christmas Market at Charlottenburg Palace runs from November 27 to December 31, 2023.
  • Highlights: The market stalls are spread out in front of the palace, providing a picturesque setting for holiday shopping and dining. The wide range of stalls offers everything from traditional handicrafts to festive decorations, and the food stands serve a variety of seasonal treats. The palace itself is beautifully illuminated, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere that enhances the overall experience of the market.

Potsdamer Platz Christmas Market:

  • Location: Located at Potsdamer Platz, this market is in the heart of the city and is easily accessible from various parts of Berlin.
  • Dates: Potsdamer Platz - Winter World: October 28, 2023, to January 01, 2024, and Christmas Market at Potsdamer Platz: November 27 to December 26, 2023
  • Highlights: This market is renowned for its “Winter World” theme, which includes a large toboggan run that adds an element of adventure to the Christmas market experience. The traditional stalls provide a wide selection of gifts, ornaments, and festive treats, while the merry-go-round adds a touch of nostalgic charm. With plenty of festive food and drink to enjoy, this market offers a lively and engaging atmosphere that captures the joy of the holiday season.

3. Experience the Magic of Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt


The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, also known as the Nuremberg Christmas Market, is one of the oldest and most famous Christmas markets in the world. Located in the charming medieval city of Nuremberg in Bavaria this festive market has been a beloved holiday tradition since the 16th century.

The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt has a rich history that dates back to 1628, though some records suggest that it may have been held even earlier. The market is opened each year with a prologue recited by the Christkind, a fairy-like figure dressed in a golden robe and crown, who is chosen through a citywide competition. This magical character is a central part of the market's tradition and symbolizes the gift-giving spirit of Christmas.

What are the dates of the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt 2023?

Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt

  • November 1st to December 24th, 2023
  • Opening Hours: The market is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., with an early closure at 2:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Nürnberger Kinderweihnacht

  • November 23rd to December 30th, 2023

Where to Find Nuremberg Christmas Markets 2023?

1. Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt:

  • Location: Located in the central square of the city, Hauptmarkt, this market is easily accessible and surrounded by the charming architecture of Nuremberg’s Old Town.
  • Highlights: The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is one of the oldest and most famous Christmas markets in the world, steeped in tradition and festive charm. The market is opened with a prologue by Christkind, a symbolic angelic figure, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates visitors and locals alike. Over 180 wooden stalls offer a range of traditional goods, including the famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen (gingerbread), Bratwurst, and unique Christmas ornaments. The Children’s Christmas Market and the market’s own post office are special highlights, making it a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

2. The Market of the Sister Cities:

  • Location: Situated next to the main Christkindlesmarkt, this market strengthens the bonds between Nuremberg and its international sister cities.
  • Highlights: The Market of the Sister Cities features goods and specialties from around the world, offering a unique and international flair. Visitors have the opportunity to explore and purchase crafts, food, and gifts from different cultures, all while enjoying the festive atmosphere of Nuremberg’s main Christmas market.

3. The Handwerkerhof (Craftsmen’s Courtyard):

  • Location: Nestled within the city walls, close to the main train station, this charming courtyard is a hidden gem during the Christmas season.
  • Highlights: The Handwerkerhof transforms into a festive market with a focus on traditional craftsmanship and artisan goods. Visitors can watch craftspeople at work, creating everything from glass art to pottery, and purchase unique handcrafted items. The medieval setting and intimate atmosphere provide a quiet retreat from the larger markets, offering a chance to experience a more traditional side of Nuremberg’s Christmas festivities.

4. The Children’s Christmas Market:

  • Location: Adjacent to the Christkindlesmarkt, this market is designed with the younger visitors in mind.
  • Highlights: With rides, games, and a range of activities, the Children’s Christmas Market offers plenty of festive fun for families. Children can send their Christmas wish lists to the Christkind from the market’s own post office, creating lasting memories of the holiday season.

These diverse markets each add their own unique touch to Nuremberg’s Christmas celebrations, providing visitors with a rich array of experiences, traditional goods, and festive cheer.

4. Experience the Magic: Munich Christmas Markets


The Munich Christmas Market, also known as the “Münchner Christkindlmarkt,” is a festive and vibrant event that lights up the Bavarian capital during the holiday season. This centuries-old tradition sees the city transformed into a winter wonderland, with twinkling lights, aromatic scents, and the sound of Christmas carols filling the air from late November until December 24th.

What are the dates of the Munich Christmas Markets 2023?

Most of the Christmas markets in Munich open in late November and run until December 24th. The general opening hours are usually from 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., although some markets may have slightly different hours.

Where to Find Munich Christmas Markets 2023?

1. Marienplatz Christmas Market:

  • Location: Situated in the vibrant heart of the city, Marienplatz (St. Mary's Square) is easily accessible and a central point for both locals and tourists alike.
  • Dates: Christkindlmarkt München runs from November 27 to December 24, 2023.
  • Highlights: The Marienplatz Christmas Market, also known as the Christkindlmarkt, is a focal point of Munich’s festive season. The New Town Hall provides a spectacular backdrop, and the square is dominated by a massive Christmas tree adorned with thousands of twinkling lights. Over 150 stalls offer a plethora of handcrafted items, traditional Bavarian treats, and unique Christmas decorations. The daily carol singing from the Town Hall balcony at 5:30 p.m. is a cherished tradition and a highlight for many visitors.

2. Christmas Village in the Royal Residence:

  • Location: Nestled in the courtyard of the Munich Residenz, this market offers a royal setting for holiday festivities.
  • Highlights: With its Alpine charm and traditional wooden huts, the Christmas Village in the Royal Residence provides a more intimate and cozy atmosphere compared to the larger markets. High-quality crafts, unique gifts, and festive decorations are available, and the surrounding walls of the former royal palace add an air of elegance and history to the experience. The market also features a diverse program of live music and entertainment.

3. Medieval Christmas Market:

  • Location: Wittelsbacherplatz is transformed into a medieval spectacle, providing a unique and historical setting for this special market.
  • Dates: Mittelalterlicher Weihnachtsmarkt runs from November 27 to December 23, 2023.
  • Highlights: The Medieval Christmas Market offers a journey back in time, with vendors dressed in period attire and a wide range of medieval crafts and goods available. Live performances, old-world games, and traditional food and drink create a festive and immersive experience. The market’s unique atmosphere and attention to historical detail make it a standout choice for visitors seeking something different.

4. Schwabing Christmas Market:

  • Location: Located at Münchner Freiheit, this market is at the heart of Munich’s bohemian district.
  • Dates: Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt runs from December 1 to December 24, 2023.
  • Highlights: The Schwabing Christmas Market is renowned for its emphasis on arts and crafts, featuring works from local artists, sculptors, and craftspeople. Visitors can find a variety of unique and handcrafted items, making it the perfect place to shop for special gifts. The bohemian spirit of the district pervades the market, offering a relaxed and creative atmosphere amidst the festive cheer.

5. Enchanting Christmas Markets of Dresden


Dresden's Christmas markets, with their rich history and festive charm, are a highlight of the holiday season in this picturesque German city. Visitors to Dresden’s Christmas markets can expect to find a wide range of traditional German holiday treats, including Stollen, gingerbread, and mulled wine. The markets are also an excellent place to purchase unique Christmas gifts and decorations, particularly handcrafted items from the surrounding regions of Saxony. The city itself, with its beautiful baroque architecture and historic sites, adds an extra layer of charm to the holiday experience.

What are the dates of Dresden's Christmas markets 2023?

The Christmas markets in Dresden typically open in late November and run until December 24th. The general opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., though this can vary by market.

Where to Find Dresden's Christmas Markets in 2023?

1. Striezelmarkt:

  • Location: Centrally located on the Altmarkt Square in the heart of Dresden.
  • Dates: Striezelmarkt runs from 29 November to 24 December 2023.
  • Highlights: Established in 1434, the Striezelmarkt is one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. It's renowned for its traditional handcrafted goods, including the famous Dresden Stollen (a type of fruit bread), wood-carved toys from the Ore Mountains, and exquisite pottery from Lausitz. The market also features a festive Ferris wheel, a children’s adventure world, and the Stollen Festival, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists.

2. Medieval Christmas Market:

  • Location: Nestled in the Stallhof, part of the Royal Palace complex.
  • Highlights: This market takes visitors on a journey back in time, with vendors dressed in medieval attire, traditional craftsmen demonstrating ancient skills, and entertainers performing historical plays and music. The unique atmosphere is further enhanced by the market’s setting in one of Dresden’s most historic and architecturally significant locations.

3. Neustädter Advent:

  • Location: Located on the other side of the Elbe River in the Neustadt district.
  • Dates: Augustusmarkt and Neustädter Advent runs from December 29, 2023, to January 7, 2024.
  • Highlights: This smaller, more intimate market offers a quieter alternative to the bustling Striezelmarkt. Local artisans sell their handmade goods, and visitors can enjoy regional food specialties. The market’s location in the trendy Neustadt district also provides ample opportunity to explore the area’s unique shops and cafes.

4. Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt:

  • Location: Set in the picturesque setting of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady).
  • Highlights: This romantic market is characterized by its smaller size and more intimate atmosphere. Stalls offer a variety of artisanal products, and the surrounding historic buildings provide a stunning backdrop. The market is particularly beautiful at night when the Frauenkirche is lit up and the air is filled with the sound of Christmas carols.

6. Magical Christmas Markets of Cologne


Cologne, with its stunning cathedral and vibrant city life, truly comes alive during the Christmas season, transforming into a festive paradise from late November to December 23rd. The city hosts several Christmas markets, each with its unique charm and attractions, making it a prime destination for those looking to experience the magic of the holiday season.

What are the dates of the Cologne Christmas Markets 2023?

The Christmas markets in Cologne typically open from late November to December 23rd. The general opening hours are from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekdays, and 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekends.

Here are the dates for some of the Cologne Christmas Markets in 2023:

Christmas Market am Kölner Dom:

  • November 23 to December 23, 2023

Kölner Hafen-Weihnachtsmarkt:

  • November 23 to December 23, 2023

Heinzels Wintermärchen:

  • November 24, 2023, to January 7, 2024

Where to Find Cologne Christmas Markets in 2023?

1. Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market:

  • Location: Situated at the foot of the impressive Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Highlights: This market is famous for its stunning location, with the Cathedral providing a majestic backdrop. Over 150 stalls offer a wide range of goods, from handcrafted gifts to delicious treats. The market also features a large ice rink for skating, making it a hit with families and visitors of all ages.

2. Old Town ‘Heinzels Wintermärchen’ Christmas Market:

  • Location: Located in the heart of the Old Town, this market is said to be inhabited by Heinzelmännchen, or house gnomes, who are the city’s historic protectors.
  • Highlights: The whimsical theme of this market is a delight, with gnome figurines found throughout. Stalls sell traditional crafts, festive decorations, and a variety of food and drink. The market’s merry-go-round and stage performances add to the fun and festive atmosphere.

3. Harbour Christmas Market:

  • Location: Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Rhine River, at the Chocolate Museum.
  • Highlights: This nautical-themed market stands out with its unique location and maritime atmosphere. Stalls are set up inside shipping containers, adding to the market’s quirky charm. Visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood specialties, along with traditional Christmas market fare, all while taking in the beautiful riverside views.

4. Angel's Market at Neumarkt:

  • Location: Positioned in the Neumarkt, one of Cologne’s oldest squares.
  • Highlights: Known for its elegant design and angelic theme, this market exudes charm and elegance. White wooden pavilions, festooned with fairy lights, create a serene and inviting ambiance. Visitors can shop for arts and crafts, jewelry, and culinary delights, all while enjoying the market’s festive entertainment and activities.

7. Enchanting Christmas Market in Rothenburg ob der Tauber


The quaint and historic town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber transforms into a festive fairy tale during the Christmas season, with its cobblestone streets and medieval architecture providing the perfect backdrop for its enchanting Christmas market. Known in German as the “Reiterlesmarkt,” this market has been a holiday tradition for over 500 years, bringing warmth and cheer to the cold winter months.

What are the dates of Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas Markets 2023?

The Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas market is held from December 1 to December 23, with general opening hours typically from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, although these times may vary.

Where to Find Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas Markets in 2023?

Rothenburg's Reiterlesmarkt:

  • Location: Held in the town’s central square, surrounded by half-timbered houses and the town hall.
  • Highlights: The market is named after the “Reiterle,” a legendary figure who is said to have brought gifts to the good and punishments to the wicked. Today, the Reiterle is a symbol of friendship and peace, and his presence adds a unique touch to the market. Visitors can explore around 70 stalls selling a variety of goods, from traditional Franconian crafts to festive food and drink. The market is particularly famous for its handmade ornaments, including the “Rothenburg snowball,” a pastry that has been a local specialty for centuries. The town itself is a highlight, with its well-preserved medieval buildings and charming atmosphere enhancing the holiday experience.

In addition to the market, visitors to Rothenburg ob der Tauber during the Christmas season can explore the town’s Christmas Museum, which delves into the history and traditions of the holiday. The town is also home to a number of shops specializing in Christmas decorations, allowing visitors to take a piece of Rothenburg’s festive charm home with them.

8. Captivating Christmas Markets of Stuttgart


Stuttgart, with its lively atmosphere and rich history, warmly welcomes visitors and locals alike to its festive Christmas markets. During Advent time the city is draped in twinkling lights and holiday decorations, creating a magical setting for one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Europe.

Stuttgart’s Christmas markets offer a rich array of seasonal treats and handmade crafts. Visitors should not miss the chance to try local specialties such as Maultaschen (German dumplings) and Spätzle (a type of pasta), as well as festive favorites like roasted chestnuts and Glühwein. The city itself, with its blend of historic architecture and modern amenities, provides a vibrant backdrop to the holiday festivities.

What are the dates of the Stuttgart Christmas Markets 2023?

The Christmas markets in Stuttgart typically run from November 29 to December 23, with general opening hours of 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., with the acknowledgment that hours can vary for specific attractions and on weekends.

Where to Find Stuttgart Christmas Markets in 2023?

Stuttgart Christmas Market:

  • Location: Spread across the city center, with stalls in Schillerplatz, Marktplatz, Schlossplatz, and the surrounding streets.
  • Highlights: Renowned for its elaborate and creative stall decorations, Stuttgart’s Christmas Market is a feast for the eyes. With around 300 stalls, visitors can find everything from handcrafted gifts and ornaments to a delectable array of local and international culinary delights. The festive music, twinkling lights, and the scent of mulled wine in the air create a truly enchanting atmosphere. The Ferris wheel and miniature railway in the Schlossplatz are popular attractions, especially for families.

9. Festive Ambiance at Leipzig Christmas Market


Leipzig, with its storied history and vibrant cultural scene, warmly embraces the holiday season, hosting one of the oldest and most beloved Christmas markets in Germany. Dating back to the 15th century, the Leipzig Christmas Market is a treasured tradition, bringing warmth, light, and festive cheer to the city’s historic center during Advent.

What are the dates of the Leipzig Christmas Markets 2023?

The Leipzig Christmas Market typically runs from November 28 to December 23, with the following exact opening hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Where to Find Leipzig Christmas Markets in 2023?

Leipzig Christmas Market:

  • Location: Sprawling across several squares in the city center, including Marktplatz, Augustusplatz, and Nikolaikirchhof.
  • Highlights: With around 300 stalls, the Leipzig Christmas Market offers a diverse array of handcrafted goods, seasonal decorations, and delightful culinary treats. The market’s historic setting, among old townhouses and by the steps of St. Nicholas Church, adds to its charm. Families will appreciate the market’s “Fairy Tale Forest” and the nostalgic carousel. Don’t miss the chance to try Lebkuchen, the local gingerbread, and the mulled wine.

Medieval Market at the Leipzig Christmas Market:

  • Location: Located in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall.
  • Highlights: Step back in time and experience the magic of a medieval Christmas. Stallholders dressed in period costumes sell handicrafts and treats, while jugglers, minstrels, and knights entertain the crowds. The medieval market offers a unique and immersive festive experience.

10. Magical Christmas Markets in Heidelberg


Heidelberg, a picturesque city nestled along the Neckar River, comes alive with festive spirit during the Christmas season. The Heidelberg Christmas Market imbues the city’s historic streets and squares with warmth, lights, and the sweet scent of holiday treats, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates both locals and visitors alike.

What are the dates of the Heidelberg Christmas Markets 2023?

The Heidelberg Christmas Market typically opens in late November 27  and runs until December 22. The market is open daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, allowing ample time to explore and enjoy the festive offerings.

Where to Find Heidelberg Christmas Markets in 2023?

Heidelberg Old Town Christmas Market:

  • Location: Spread across several squares in Heidelberg’s Old Town, including Bismarckplatz, University Square, and Market Square.
  • Highlights: Set against the backdrop of the Heidelberg Castle, the Old Town Christmas Market offers a stunning setting for holiday festivities. Over 140 stalls provide a plethora of gift options, decorations, and culinary delights. Be sure to try the local specialties, such as Glühwein (mulled wine) and Gebrannte Mandeln (roasted almonds). Children will delight in the carousel and the ice-skating rink set up for the season.

Heidelberg’s “Winter Forest” at Kornmarkt:

  • Location: Kornmarkt Square.
  • Highlights: During the Christmas season, this unique part of the Christmas Market is transformed into a “Winter Forest.” Over 100 sparkling fir trees grace the bustling marketplace, casting a warm, festive glow across the square. The white-pointed tents create a fairytale ambiance, encapsulating the holiday spirit. At the heart of “Winter Forest” lies the lovingly decorated Christmas nativity scene, a timeless emblem of the season, infusing tradition and nostalgia into the enchanting atmosphere. This sacred display inspires both wonder and reverence. For the little ones, the children's railway promises joy and adventure.

11. Hamburg’s Enchanting Christmas Markets


Hamburg, a vibrant port city in northern Germany, transforms into a festive paradise during the Christmas season, with its various Christmas markets adding to the city’s lively atmosphere. From late November until just before Christmas, the Hamburg Christmas Market brings joy, lights, and holiday spirit to both locals and visitors, offering a unique blend of traditional German Christmas market charm and Hamburg’s maritime flair.

What are the dates of Hamburg’s Christmas Markets 2023?

Most of Hamburg’s Christmas markets open in late November and run until December 23rd. The markets typically open around 11:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 pm, with extended hours on the weekends.

Where to Find Hamburg’s Christmas Markets in 2023?

Historical Christmas Market at Rathausmarkt:

  • Location: In front of the impressive Hamburg Town Hall at Rathausmarkt.
  • Highlights: One of Hamburg’s most famous Christmas markets, it is renowned for its historic ambiance, with vendors dressed in period costumes and a range of traditional crafts and goods. Don’t miss the historic carousel and the daily Santa Claus flying high above the market, spreading Christmas cheer. Indulge in roasted almonds, Bratwurst, and the essential Glühwein.

Winter Pride, Hamburg’s LGBTQ+ Christmas Market:

  • Location: St. Georg, near Lange Reihe.
  • Highlights: Known for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, Winter Pride offers a unique Christmas market experience with its colorful decorations, live DJs, and diverse range of food and drink options. It’s a lively spot to enjoy the festive season and embrace the spirit of community.

Jungfernstieg Christmas Market:

  • Location: Along the Inner Alster Lake at Jungfernstieg.
  • Highlights: With its white pagoda tents and beautiful location by the water, this market offers a more elegant Christmas experience. High-quality crafts, gourmet food, and the picturesque setting make it a popular choice for visitors.

Fleetinsel Christmas Market:

  • Location: Fleetinsel, amidst the canals and historic buildings.
  • Highlights: This market provides a cozy and romantic setting, with its twinkling lights reflecting off the water. It’s a smaller market, but its charming atmosphere and range of handcrafted goods make it a must-visit.

Try the Local German Christmas Market Delicacies


Savoring local delicacies is a cherished highlight of visiting German Christmas markets, offering a delectable journey into the country's rich culinary heritage. These markets are a paradise for food enthusiasts, boasting a diverse array of tantalizing treats that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Bratwurst: Don't miss the opportunity to try Bratwurst, a quintessential German sausage made from a blend of pork, beef, or veal. Grilled to perfection, these sausages boast a crispy exterior and a juicy, flavorful interior. Served in a bread roll and complemented by sweet or spicy mustard, they create a delightful and satisfying meal.

Lebkuchen: Indulge in Lebkuchen, traditional German gingerbread cookies with centuries of history. These soft, cake-like delights, covered in sweet glaze or chocolate, incorporate a blend of honey, almonds, candied peel, and warm spices like cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Glühwein: No visit to a German Christmas market is complete without trying Glühwein, a warm, spiced mulled wine that offers the perfect antidote to chilly winter evenings. Simmered with red wine, mulling spices, citrus fruits, and sugar, it's a comforting, aromatic delight.

Marzipan: Explore the world of marzipan, a sweet confection crafted from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites. Molded into various shapes and often adorned with chocolate or intricate designs, it's a delicious and visually appealing treat.

Stollen: Dive into Stollen, a traditional German Christmas bread infused with dried fruits, nuts, and spices. Often dusted with powdered sugar, this dense yet moist bread offers a rich, buttery flavor that's ideal for the holiday season.

Kartoffelpuffer: Enjoy Kartoffelpuffer, savory potato pancakes with a crispy exterior and a tender interior. These delectable treats are usually served with applesauce, sour cream, or smoked salmon.

Gebrannte Mandeln: Delight in Gebrannte Mandeln, candied, toasted almonds with a sweet, aromatic aroma that tantalizes your senses. Sold in paper cones, they make for a delightful, portable snack as you wander through the market.

Schmalzkuchen: Treat yourself to Schmalzkuchen, small, deep-fried dough balls reminiscent of doughnuts. Often dusted with powdered sugar and occasionally filled with jam, they're a favorite, particularly among the younger crowd.

Eierpunsch: Sip on Eierpunsch, a warm, egg-based punch similar to eggnog. Made with eggs, sugar, white wine, and vanilla, it offers a creamy, comforting beverage for cold winter days.

Feuerzangenbowle: Experience the dramatic and delicious Feuerzangenbowle, a punch made from mulled wine, rum, and a sugarloaf soaked in rum. The flaming sugarloaf spectacle adds to the rich, sweet flavor.

Sausages and Sauerkraut: Beyond Bratwurst, explore a variety of sausages like Weisswurst and Currywurst, each offering a unique taste. Pair them with tangy sauerkraut for an authentic German meal.

Spekulatius: Delight in Spekulatius, spiced shortcrust biscuits often enjoyed during the Christmas season. Their crisp texture and intricate designs, along with the blend of spices, make them a delightful treat.

Glühbier: For beer enthusiasts, Glühbier is a warm, spiced beer that combines the comforting warmth of a hot beverage with the rich flavors of beer, offering a unique and satisfying choice.

These local delicacies are an integral part of the German Christmas market experience, providing a delectable insight into the country's culinary heritage and festive traditions. Make sure to indulge in these delights as you immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere of the markets.

Helpful Tips for Enjoying Christmas Markets in Germany


Visiting the Christmas markets in Germany immerses you in a world of festive cheer, twinkling lights, and the sweet scent of seasonal treats. These markets, held in towns and cities across the country, offer a unique and enchanting experience that captures the essence of the holiday season. To ensure that your visit is as enjoyable and memorable as possible, consider the following 10 helpful tips:

  1. Dress Warmly: The weather in Germany during the winter months can be quite chilly, and since the Christmas markets are mostly outdoor events, it's crucial to dress in warm layers. Make sure to wear a thermal jacket, cozy sweaters, and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget accessories like gloves, a scarf, and a hat to keep you toasty as you stroll through the markets.
  2. Bring Cash: While the trend is changing and some vendors are starting to accept cards, the majority of stalls at Christmas markets still operate on a cash-only basis. Ensure you have enough euros on hand to avoid any disappointments. It's also a good way to keep track of your spending.
  3. Plan Your Visit: Christmas markets tend to be less crowded during the weekdays and in the early afternoon. If you prefer a more tranquil experience, try to visit during these times. Additionally, research the specific markets you wish to visit in advance, as each market has its own unique vendors and attractions.
  4. Be Mindful of Pickpockets: Like any tourist attraction, Christmas markets can attract pickpockets. Keep your belongings secure, be aware of your surroundings, and consider using a money belt or a crossbody bag.
  5. Take Your Time: The allure of the Christmas markets lies in their festive atmosphere and charming stalls. Don’t rush through your visit; take the time to browse the offerings, enjoy a hot drink, and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.
  6. Respect Local Traditions and Customs: Remember that each region in Germany may have its own unique traditions and customs associated with Christmas. Be respectful and take the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the local culture.
  7. Be Sustainable: To help reduce waste, consider bringing your own reusable mug for hot drinks and a tote bag for any purchases. Many markets also sell reusable cups for Glühwein.
  8. Capture the Memories, but Don't Forget to Live in the Moment: While it’s great to take photos to remember your visit, also make sure to put the camera away at times and fully experience the market with all your senses.
  9. Explore Beyond the Markets: Use your visit to the Christmas markets as an opportunity to explore more of what the city has to offer. Germany is rich in history, culture, and beautiful architecture, all of which are worth discovering.

By following these tips, you will be well on your way to having a delightful and enriching experience at the Christmas markets in Germany, filled with festive joy and cherished memories.


In 2023, Germany's Christmas markets promise to once again be a feast for the senses and a celebration of cherished traditions. From the enchanting ambiance of twinkling lights and festive decorations to the tantalizing aroma of local delicacies, these markets offer a unique glimpse into the heart of the holiday season.

Visitors can wander through picturesque stalls, discovering handmade crafts, delightful treats, and a warm sense of community. It's a time to create lasting memories with loved ones, whether you're sipping Glühwein, admiring the craftsmanship of local artisans, or simply reveling in the joyous spirit that fills the air.

As a culmination of centuries-old customs and modern-day festivities, Germany's Christmas markets are a timeless tradition that continues to captivate the world. In 2023, let these markets be your gateway to the magic of the season, where the past meets the present in a glorious celebration of the holidays.