UK Government Reveals Spending Plans: Learn Where Profits Will Go!

Attention prospective UK visa applicants! Prepare for an unexpected increase in costs as the UK gears up to raise fees for most visa categories, encompassing students and tourists alike. Starting from October 4th, this decision, announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in July, is set to affect travelers from every corner of the globe seeking entry or an extended stay in the UK.

This significant fee hike comes in anticipation of the UK's imminent launch of the pioneering Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) visa scheme. The new scheme aims to streamline the visa application process and enhance security measures for individuals traveling to the UK. Stay informed and plan your visa application accordingly to ensure a smooth transition into this evolving landscape of UK visa policies and procedures.

UK Visa Price Update: How Much More Will You Pay?

The upcoming changes in UK visa fees are slated to have a noticeable impact on various visa types. For instance, if you're considering a visit visa for less than six months, you'll face an increase of £15 (€18), pushing the fee from £100 (€115) to £115 (€133). This adjustment in price is aimed at aligning the costs with the services provided.

Moreover, students aspiring to study in the UK from abroad will face a significant cost hike, with the student visa fee set to rise to £490 (€569). This adjustment is designed to standardize the fee structure and bring it in line with the amount charged for in-country student visa applications.

However, it's worth noting that transit visas, which permit temporary entry for flight changes or alternative transportation to a final destination, are not anticipated to see an increase in fees.

For a comprehensive understanding of the new fees across various UK visas and immigration services, you can access the complete list. These fee adjustments are scheduled to take effect from 4th October, pending approval from the parliament.

Why UK Visa Costs Are Heading Upwards?

In July, the British Prime Minister made a significant announcement regarding a forthcoming increase in visa costs, aimed at aligning with the rise in the country’s public sector wages. The decision, anticipated to generate over £1 billion, encompasses an across-the-board increase in visa application fees.

The Health Immigration Health Surcharge, designed to contribute to the UK’s state-funded National Health Service, is also expected to witness an upward revision. However, this particular adjustment is slated for later in the Autumn, according to the Home Office.

Specifically, the UK Home Office has disclosed that there will be a substantial 15 per cent surge in the costs associated with a majority of work and visit visas. Furthermore, priority visas, study visas, and certificates of sponsorship are set to undergo an increase of no less than 20 per cent.

Importantly, these adjustments are applicable across various visa types, encompassing applications for registration and naturalization as a British citizen. Stay informed about these changes to make informed decisions regarding your visa applications and financial planning.


Stay ahead of the curve when planning your UK visa application! The recent announcement by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in July hints at an unexpected increase in visa costs, affecting a broad spectrum of visa categories including students and tourists.

Set to take effect from October 4th, this price surge is a strategic move in anticipation of the upcoming Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) visa scheme. The ETA aims to enhance the efficiency and security of the application process, promising a more streamlined experience for travelers to the UK.

To ensure a seamless transition amidst this evolving landscape of UK visa policies, it's crucial to stay informed and adjust your visa application plans accordingly. From visit visas to student visas, familiarize yourself with the updated fees to navigate the changes effectively. Be prepared for a new era of UK visa regulations and make well-informed financial decisions for your journey ahead.