Travel to Europe can be a perfect family travel destination for you and the more pleasing thing is that you can afford it easily.

barcelona spainBarcelona, Spain

I will be mentioning some of the top cities of Europe here, that you MUST go to if you are traveling to Europe with your family. 

These seven places mentioned below will make your journey remarkable. You can effortlessly book your hotel before traveling. If hotels do not match your needs you can also rent an apartment. 

Before you travel make sure to look for discount offers. Many traveling agencies provide affordable packages. 

So let’s go through these:

Travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam city canal

This city is mostly attracted by tourists because of its historical canals. Besides the red light district, there is a lot to explore in Amsterdam. Paddling the boat yourself and watching aplenty bike paths will make you love this city. 

Food is quite affordable. Potato meat (French fries with mayo) is a craving famous food of Amsterdam.

Things to do in Amsterdam

Traveling to Europe with your family will only be exciting when you ride a boat or a bike in Amsterdam. You should include the NEMO Science Museum on your list. 

This museum has a chemistry lab where students perform experiments. For Elders, the Anne Frank Museum is interesting whereas youngsters find interest in the Van Gogh Museum. 

To avoid long waiting lines, you should buy the tickets in advance. Sometimes on the spot, all the tickets are sold out, which can spoil your day. 

Keukenhof is mostly visited by tourists to see the astonishing blooming tulips in spring.

Places to stay in Amsterdam

The Radisson Blu is a hotel located at the center of the city that provides good services and a delicious breakfast buffet. This hotel is neither too big nor too small. It has a fine area with an accommodating environment.

Places to eat in Amsterdam

Cafe Loetje serves a finger-licking steak. It is located near the Quarter Museum. You cannot reserve a table there but to have delicious food you should compromise. The tables on the patio add more to its beauty.

Travel to Dublin, Ireland

dublin city night

The capital of Ireland at the mouth of River Liffey is one the best spots to add to the list of how to plan a trip to Europe with family. Ireland is known for its hospitality. 

When you visit Dublin, you will see many welcoming and smiling eyes everywhere. There is no language barrier; in fact, you should start your journey from this adventurous city. 

Things to do in Dublin

Traveling to Europe with your family can be difficult if you do not know what to do and where to go. You will surely admire the Dublin doors while visiting St. Stephen’s Green.

Get your family and plan a picnic at the National Museum of Ireland. Lay on the ground, catch the beautiful moments and feed the ducks there. 

On the second floor, Ireland’s wildlife is exhibited manageably. If you are an animal lover or your children are, don’t forget to visit the amusing Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park. 

To know a little history of Ireland, pay a visit to the delightful Kilmainham Gaol. 

All these places are to be visited in the evening. If you want to enjoy the day too then go to Bray and visit the aquarium by train. 

Sitting along the sea and picking some blueberries will be a good experience. If you want a mountain view, go to County Wicklow and observe the lovely scenery. 

Places to stay in Dublin

Hotel Mespil is a modern hotel situated in the center of Dublin. The building has been renewed; the rooms are specially designed for families.

Travel to Paris, France

paris city france

Traveling to Europe with your family without visiting the city of romance would be awful. Everyone enjoys it here whether it’s your family or friends. If your kids are getting bored, they would love the boulangeries on every corner. 

You can travel by Metro easily. Take your selfies to make a catching view of the Eiffel Tower memorial.

Things to do in Paris

Spend your day at Jardin Luxembourg: a palace that was created in 1612 by Marie de’ Medici. Its parks are popular all across Paris. If it is a rainy day and you don’t want to take your children outside, visit Musee de Cluny. 

It is a museum of the Middle Ages. All the medieval arts and crafts are astonishing. You will never regret your trip to Paris.

Where to stay in Paris

Citadines Apart Hotel, located in the heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter, has a 4-star serviced residence. You will experience the country’s culture while living there. 

What to eat in Paris

You can easily find food all across the city. It is impossible to go wrong in Paris. You can have your breakfast at any café bar. To make your day memorable, visit the Quirky Le Refuge.

Travel to London, UK

the eye london

London has always been on the top when it comes to the Hollywood industry. Almost every movie has a link with it. Whether it is Paddington, Peter Rabbit, or Harry Potter. 

It is no doubt one of the most celebrated and delightful places to choose for traveling in Europe with your family.

Things to do in London

Don’t forget to take your children to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum founded in 1835. It has many museums in other cities as well. 

There is also a free museum in London that is visited by many tourists. For children to enjoy, put St. James Park on the top of the list. 

How can you miss the guards’ parade at Buckingham Palace? You can visit there at 2:30, sit on a chair, and let your children enjoy the playground.

Where to stay in London

Book the Park Plaza hotel of London with no reservation fee. The rates are low and the rooms are quite spacious for families.

Travel to Rome, Italy

rome colloseum italy

How to plan a trip to Europe with your family? Answering this question without mentioning Rome would be a disaster. No trip to Europe can ever happen without considering Rome.

I will tell you some interesting places in Rome. Your visit to Rome is incomplete if you have not been to Colosseum and the Vatican. 

To calm yourself, Ostia Antica is always the best option in Rome. It was a harbor city of Rome. The ancients remain and attract kids of all ages.

Where to stay in Roma

Roma Resort Trevi is near to all the attractive places of Rome. It provides spacious rooms and delicious food.

Travel to Barcelona, Spain

Travel to Barcelona, Spain

Traveling to Europe with your family will become more interesting when you will explore the art and architecture of Barcelona. There are collections of amazing museums such as; The Chocolate Museum, CosmoCaixa, and the Museum of Ideas and inventions. 

For your kids, this land will be a fairyland. Children usually like adventures. To fulfill their taste, take them to Shark cave diving at the aquarium near the Marina in Port Vell.

Enjoying the sunset view and watching the dancing fountains in Barcelona will make your day delightful.

Where to stay in Barselona

Near Las Ramblas, is situated the Petit Palace Hotel Opera Garden. It provides comfortable and spacious rooms. They also offer a breakfast buffet.

What to eat in Barselona

Barcelona's famous and child-loving dishes are Tapas, fresh fish, fried potatoes, and garlic bread. Have these amazing foods away from the crowd in between the trees of olives.

Travel to Florence, Italy

florence italy

It is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance and should be in the list. It is the home of art galleries. 

Uffizi Gallery Museum is famous among tourists; even your kids will appreciate it. Many renaissance masterpieces are present there. Thousands of people visit Florence every year to see the art of famous artists. 

To please your wife, pay a visit to the Ponte Vecchio for shopping. 

Giardino di Boboli is famous for picnic spots and fountains. Enjoy your day while observing these stunning views.

Where to stay in Florence

Outside the city lies Villa Tolomei. It has a beautiful garden and pool. It also provides joining rooms for families.

Places to eat in Florence

Families are mostly welcomed warmly everywhere but to narrow down, Trattoria La Casalinga and Cinghiale Bianco are best to choose. Let kids enjoy their gelato while you and your wife enjoy pasta and biscotti.


After reading all the information about the places to stay and eat, you can easily make your trip a tremendous one. All you need to do is to add the important points to your planning list. Try to work on it a few weeks before traveling. 

Don’t worry about your journey. All the spots mentioned above will make your family love you more. Trust me, these are the best spots for traveling to Europe with your family. 

If you are done with the planning, congratulations. The difficult part is gone for good. Now start packing and head straight to your trip happily. 

I am born to explore the world. I don’t know where I’m going, but still, I’m on my way. Travel as much as you can, wherever you can, and as long as you can. Life is too short to be lived in one place.

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